Dating (or something like that)

Your single because your fussy!!!

I hear this all the time from my friends who are all in relationships and so what if i am!!
They do not know what its like dating/chatting or even trying to get to know someone in this day and age.
I am a fussy 37 single women actually independant sounds better. I want old fashioned romance, not someone who is gonna grab me and thrust their tounge into my mouth on a first date.
I really dont ask for much in a man – just that they are single, wanting to get to know you not to much to ask for right?!
I recently went on a date and the man was so desperate that he actaully proposed well, he put my name with his last name…..and i thought it was only us women that were allowed to do the name put me off him straight away, i told him straight i just wanted friendship and that we should still meet up for a pizza as mates…guess what never heard from him again!! tosser

Maybe i am fussy but i think this day and age we need to be. x

I decided to write a blog! My life hasn’t always gone to plan, but with mistakes, tears, laughs and lots of other mishaps on the way I was able to find out who I am :)

sometimes in life the path we take is full of obstacles, some people may choose to just step over them or others may swerve and try and avoid them, and others (me) deal with them head on with funny or not so funny consequences. 

Here I will try and be honest about my life, job, dating and other little things
C xx